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     Meet the trio who is behind Alphabet Town Series.  They are a mother and daughter team.  Deborah and Rebekah are fifteen year old twins who do all the illustrations.  And the mother Rachel is the creator and story developer.


     Hello and welcome to Alphabet Town Series.  I was homeschooling my twins when the idea came to me to develop Alphabet Town Series to help children with letter and sound recognition.  I thought that if we could take each letter of the alphabet and turn them into a character of their own, then children would begin to associate that character with that letter. Which would help them with letter association. Then we took that character and wrote a story associated with their character.  And then we added while reading the story they are looking and listening for words that start with that letter.  So while your child is falling in love with the characters and reading a fun and cute story, they are also looking and listening for words that start with that letter. So not only is your child having fun at their level, they are  learning at the same time.   


     And of course all the letters have to live in Alphabet Town together.  Each letter has their own house to live.  Alphabet Town begins to be more revealed starting in book B.   The letters also at times intermingle within each others stories.  Like in the Birthday B, letter B invites some of his letter  friends over for his birthday party.

     Then I took what I value most with my kids and that is spending quality time with them. I made sure that when you sit down with your child to read  these books, not only are they learning but you are getting quality time with your child. 

     As I was developing this idea over the years I started to learn what a talent my twin girls had for drawing and creating digital art.  Which has made for a great team of mother and daughters.  I write the stories and they create all the illustrations for the books. 

     So dive in with your child. I guarantee they will fall in love with the characters and stories all while learning.

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